Caremate Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster / Foot Care / Heel Cushion / Sleep Care / Snoring Reducer / Sleep Aid Patch / Anti-MouthBreathing Tape


Foot Care Series - Excellent foot care, immediate pain relief - Effectively prevent heel rubbing or blistering - Different shapes to offer suitable protection == Foot Fairy == Made by preferred elastic material to protect heels. It provides heel/toe/sole protection and cushion. It can be made with fragrance too (patented). The fragrant one makes walking comfortably with a nice scent and good mood. == Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster Series == Provides a moist wound environment and helps the healing, also absorbs exudate. Great protection for blistering and friction. Sleep Care Series == Sleep Angel (Fragrant Sleep Aid Nasal Patch) == Help improve quality of sleep. == Sleep Rite Series (Snoring Reducer) == Mouth breathing is unhealthy. This skin friendly little device may lead to natural nasal breathing and help reduce snoring. Have small and large types available.
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