We produce a wide range of quality condoms for both institutional and private market supply which comply with International Standards. Our company is accredited with International Certificates such as CE, ISO, SABS and the USA FDA 510K permit. To date, we have exported our condoms to more than 40 countries around the globe. We market our condoms under our house brands TOPI, GOOD TIMES and FEEL.
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NULATEX SDN BHDH8.E41Malaysian Condom ManufacturerEstablished in 2004, Nulatex produces quality latex condoms and related products to over 40 countries around the world. By capitalizing on our close proximity to the suppliers of our key raw material, natural rubber latex, we are able to offer our customers superior products at a competitive price.Mission & ValuesNulatex is dedicated to manufacturing world-class latex condoms and related personal care products. We believe that everyone deserves access to contraception for safe sex. Our promise includes:- Reliable Quality- Competitive Economic Cost- Customer Service- Product Safety- Flexibility &- CustomisationNulatex QualityEnsuring the quality of our products is of fundamental priority. Nulatex strictly follows ISO Standards to produce our products. Our products undergo rigorous quality assurance designed to comply with or exceed applicable international standards. Numerous in-process controls during production and several tests are completed throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Additional pre-shipment tests are also carried out before delivery of our products to customers.Managing QualityIn managing quality in our production, we emphasize and insist on using only the highest grade of raw materials. Our natural rubber latex*, which is the main raw material component in condom, is sourced from reputable suppliers. By using the specially formulated latex, we are able to produce remarkably thin condoms that are strong, reliable and compliant with the required international safety and testing standards.OEM CondomsWe pride ourselves on our world-class OEM service that fosters collaboration with our clients, helping them find their perfect combination of condom design and packaging.In-House BrandsExplore our range of branded condoms.Available for consumer purchase and bulk orders.Probe CoversFor Ultrasound Imaging