Capnography Module CAP201


Capnography Module for Ventilation and Monitoring Systems Ventilated patients need to be monitored reliably. An important parameter here is the CO2 concentration in exhaled air. Accurately measuring this helps medical staff to assess the patient’s breathing and condition and supports them in their treatment. The right technology for this is: CAP201. A sophisticated and proven OEM module for capnography in emergency medicine and clinical applications. Ready to be integrated into your ventilator or monitor system. Reliable and accurate CO2 measurement FUNCTIONS - Highly precise sidestream CO2 measurement - Calculating etCO2, fiCO2 and breathing rate - Occlusion detection - Output of a capnogram as a continuous CO2 curve ADVANTAGES - Compensation of temperature and aging influences without the need for recalibration - Low energy consumption - Compact design and lightweight
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