Portable Body Composition Analyzer - Fitrus Series


● "Fitrus Series" (Fitrus Plus, Fitrus Light and Fitrus A) are OSD's portable body composition analyzer devices that can be paired with the other mobile devices. ● All "Fitrus Series" devices use four different electrodes to let the low-intensity electric currents (microcurrents) flow through your body and measures various body composition components. This technology is called, "Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)". ● These body composition components include: Body Fat Percentage (BFP), Body Fat Mass (BFM), Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM), Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Water Percentage (BWP), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), etc. ● “Fitrus Plus" also has a built-in "PPG" sensor that can be used to measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation, "IR" sensor for skin/material temperature measurement. ”Fitrus Light“ has the PPG sensor only. "Fitrus A" has an accelerometer only. (Check out our brochure) ● Fitrus-paired App can provide instructions for your activities or helpful tips and advice for your health management. ● The users can check the body types of their own. This technology is based on Somatotype taxonomy. Each categorized body type has different work-out recommendations and balanced diet meal plans. ● Unlike the other scale type body composition analyzers or the gigantic ones, being extremely compact and weighing less than 50g, "Fitrus" is perfect for checking your body composition status without limitation of time and place. ● "Fitrus Plus" has a built-in accelerometer which is more sensitive and accurate than a simple pedometer. And this will count the steps, analyze the activity level and the calories burned. ● The result data of measurement will be uploaded to our cloud-based platform and the feedbacks will be provided on the screen of the Fitrus App.
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