AKTISCHICHT wound care solutions


Aktischicht is an innovative phenomenal new product in chronic wound healing. ADVANTAGES AND PROPERTIES • Significant Reduction of the Wound Healing Time • Multilayer and 100% Transparent • Gratual Release of Materials in the Wound Bed • Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Properties • Optimizing Moisture and Ph of the Wound Bed • Flexible and Adjustable to the Shape of the Wound Bed • Biocompatible and Biodegradable in Wound Bed • Usable in All Phases of Wound Healing • Reduction of Scar Tissue Formation • Applicable on Exposed Tendons and Bones • Porous and Breathable Dressings • Applicable on the Joints Without Restricting the Joint Movement • Porous and Breathable, Cuttable Dressing, Painless and Easy to Change INDICATIONS: Burn wounds, Diabetic foot ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Traumatic ulcers, Skin grafts, Donor sites, Surgical wounds, Cavity wounds, Wounds with minimal to moderate exudate, Infected and non-infected wounds
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