A new, flexible, multi-user environment seating solution. The MultiAdjust, an all round, highly adjustable, adaptable, comfortable and cost effective postural care chair. The MultiAdjust is an effective seating solution for adults with the following conditions and postural challenges: Semi-ambulant and non ambulant. Frail and elderly. Neurological conditions (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease). Cardiovascular conditions. Orthopaedic conditions. And suitable for the following environments: Nursing and residential homes. Hospital wards. Hospices and respite care. Domestic and home care. The new MultiAdjust is a cost effective, tool-free, highly adjustable seating system that provides postural support and pressure care without compromising the users comfort. The chair benefits from Tilt-in-Space, Back Angle Recline and lower limb support, offered with adjustment control options (manual or motorised). The MultiAdjust is an ideal choice for multiple user environments, and for those who are semi-ambulant and non-ambulant. Its modular design, with interchangeable accessories, makes it a perfect fit for Community Loan Stores. It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs in most Care Environments. It provides high levels of comfort and the robust construction quality that you would associate with CareFlex. For peace of mind the MultiAdjust comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty.
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