Event Holter Cardiac Telemonitoring


EHO-MINI event-holter High-quality 6-lead specialized tool for the diagnosis and continuous monitoring of cardiac problems. The device is a recorder of an EVENT-HOLTER type. It records incidents (ECG). Suitable for use in ambulatory and home diagnosis: • High risk of cardiac problems • Rare and irregular heart disorders (arrhythmia) • When traditional methods of diagnosis were unsuccessful Main features: • Automatic ECG record transmission without user’ interaction. The transmission goes to the Telemedical Platform of a medical center. Medical data is not stored on the device – it is collected on a Telemedical Platform. • Appointed with a GSM modem, so there is no need to connect a mobile phone • The device can be used to diagnose patients with syncopes • Ability to use additional modules (weighing scale, blood pressure monitor, saturation sensor) ADVANTAGES • High precision and accuracy, easy to use • Fully mobile device with a small size and weight (100 g) • Automatic data transmission to the controlling cardiology center • Built-in battery that can be recharged with the supplied charger • An ability to attach additional modules
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Pro-PLUS S.A.H2.A55Company portraitPro-PLUS is a global leader in telemedicine solutions. For 28 years we have been successfully implementing solutions in the field of e-cardiology and telecare for hospitals, medical facilities and individual patients.Our position has been confirmed by the gold medal at the Shanghai International Invention and Innovation Expo and numerous implementations around the world, including in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.We are the creator of innovative systems for:long-term monitoring of cardiac patients at home with over 80% efficiency in detecting rare arrhythmiascardiac telerehabilitation at home for patients after heart attacks and cardiac surgerytelecare of patients at home using a number of external devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters, thermomers, glucometers, etc.monitoring of patients infected with COVID-19 and persons in quarantinePro-PLUS has the broadest offer on the market including multiple telemedicine devices and the Telemedicine Platform enabling the management of devices and the provision of a number of services individually tailored to the needs of clients.Pro-PLUS solutions are based on our own technology, which is developed based on many years of experience and cooperation with Key-opinion leaders.As an innovative technology company, we develop new products dedicated to patients: with heart failure (LVAD), after heart attacks (cardiac telerehabilitation), with cardiac arrhythmias (long-term monitoring), with COVID-19 (monitoring of patients infected and quarantined).