SpeedM® Emergency Hemostatic Gauze


SpeedM® consists of a defined perforated cellulose nonwoven as a carrier material onto which ultrafine halloysites HNT are applied. The mineral is processed in a special printing process in such a way that the blood flow within the dressing is controlled, but at the same time no mineral components can enter the patient's bloodstream from the carrier material. Due to its morphological structure, the halloysite mineral compound has a very large reactive surface area. This supports the body's natural clotting reaction and even heavy bleeding in emergency situations can be stopped quickly and reliably. SpeedM® is designed to hardly stick to the wound, thus supporting a less traumatic post-treatment of the patient. The product is very easy to use, as it is fully integrated into the surgical procedures of emergency hemostasis. In its stable packaging, it is easy to transport and store, as it does not require refrigeration. It can be used immediately without preparation. SpeedM® is currently undergoing CE certification.
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