ECG Management System


A data management solution that allows the automation of processes, storage, and ECG display, improving patient care while reducing processing times and costs.
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Norav MedicalH1.G30BNorav Medical is a leading global provider of innovative ECG systems and solutions that leverages over 25 years' experience in the industry for mobile, tabletop and PC-based ECG systems. Offering Wireless and Wired solutions, our extensive portfolio includes products for acute care, primary care, and research settings, including Cardiac Stress Tests, Rest ECGs, Holter ECGs, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors, Telemetry ECGs, Spirometry, and a comprehensive ECG Management System. In addition, we supply ECG-technology OEM modules, add-ons, and private-label products to prominent global firms.Norav Medical’s technologies and products are differentiated by their diagnostic accuracy, comprehensive features, user-friendly interfaces - and especially by the reliability of their connectivity to EHR/HIS information systems (i.e. HL7- and DICOM). All Norav products provide dependable wireless connectivity to smart phones, tablets, and PCs to support easy, accessible operation. Norav Medical maintains regional headquarters in Del Ray, Florida (US) and Mainz-Kastel (Germany). The company is ISO13485-certified and FDA-listed, and its products are FDA- and CE-certified. Norav Medical’s products are marketed via a worldwide dealer network.All our efforts are driven by four guiding principles: delivering innovation, quality, support, and a broad portfolio of solutions to our valued customers.Norav Medical partners with its clients to provide high-quality ECG solutions. We highly value our relationships with our clients and work tirelessly to provide the highest level of customer service. Our experienced software and hardware customization teams provide fast-response support to OEMs and clinical research establishments, and our “lifetime-free software update” policy provides long-term value for devices and solutions wherever deployed, anywhere in the world.Backed by years of innovation, expertise, and success, Norav Medical is committed to offer high-performing versatile products at competitive prices.