Prodrobot automated gait trainer


The Prodrobot automated gait trainer is a medical device intended for the rehabilitation of children's legs, including cerebral palsy, with diseases such as muscular dystrophy, neurological disorders, as well as disorders resulting from an accident or after injuries. The robot allows you to stimulate six lower limb joints at once. Importantly, the exercise uses a gait pattern that reflects the movements of a healthy person, translated into software language, imitating the movement of a healthy person. The therapist conducting the procedure can use two programs: standard and for patients with contractures. Each of them has five exercises: gait, squats, swing, bicycle and walking up the stairs. Patient mobility can be improved by a unique set of exercises and increased intensity. Five exercises with adjustable speed and range of motion adapted to the patient's needs are available. The system's distinguishing features are: • Device size - Weight below 200kg, dimensions 0.8x0.9x1.5m • Patient size - 110-150cm, 50kg • Stride length - Electronically variable • Step length adjustment - smooth • Max speed - approx. 3km / h • Exercises - Walking according to a walking pattern with different speeds and stride length. Bike, squats, swing, stairs - all anatomical movements possible in the sagittal axis. • Sitting assistant - an electrically driven mechanism that aligns the patient from sitting to a vertical position • Patient relief - partial • Spasticity control - Stopping movement when resistance increases; electronically adjustable sensitivity • Physical fit - 3 leg braces and; 2 straps per body; foot mounting (all adjustments focused on speed, precision and comfort), quick adjustment to the body height.
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