Aria 104


Aria 104 is a new and revolutionary way of approaching the treatment of respiratory diseases. Its wide range of operation modes combines high levels of flexibility, easy-to-use features and advanced technologies. Aria 104 can be used with adult, paediatric, neonatal patient and premature babies. Thanks to its 10.4’’ touch screen colour display, medical staff can immediately visualize the patients’ ventilation status and adjust the therapy approach accordingly. The innovative pneumatic system includes a low pressure flow generator with a separate cooling system granting the continuous delivery of compressed air at an oxygen low-consumption rate in the FiO2 mixture from 21% to 100%. The versatility of this system covers a wide spectrum of situations and patient types ranging from tracheostomized patients to NIV devices such as face/mouth masks, as well as from intensive/sub-intensive/Pneumology hospital Care Units to Emergency. Thanks to specifically designed accessories this ventilator can be also used for intra/extra hospital transport (ambulance, helicopter) with the highest degree of efficiency and reliability.
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