Siaretron 1000 Iper


SIARETRON 1000 IPER lung ventilator is designed for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients who need to be treated with HBOT in hyperbaric chamber. It is the only lung ventilator able to work up to 60 metres depth. It is equipped with a trigger sensor which indicates depth, thus always ensuring the correct functioning at every different level. LEAK COMPENSATION The lung ventilator has an automatic leak compensation up to 60 l/min. and an adjustable oxygen concentration from 21% to 100%, which is gradually reduced with depth increase thanks to an automatic safety system. ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY Low tension power supply (12 Vdc) with a special hermetically sealed battery. GAS SUPPLY Air, oxygen and premixed Heliox with 3 bar (to be added to the hyperbaric chamber pressure). • High performance up to a depth of 60 mH20 • Automatic leak and ventilation parameters compensation • Up to 50 cmH20 PEEP • 10.4" touchscreen display • Three available loops (P-V; P-F; F-V) • Five graphics can be visualized at the same time • Compatible with premixed HELIOX • Reduced dimensions and weight (5,5 Kg) • Up to 14 hrs battery autonomy Its adjustable tidal volume from 5ml to 3000ml is the perfect solution for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients. Automatic compensation of tidal volume with a max. flow of 120 l/min.
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