Morpheus ND


The MORPHEUS ND is an innovative and exclusive equipment in the latest anesthesia generation with new dimensions. MORPHEUS ND is in fact the smallest anesthesia machine on the market, with a weight of less than 25 kg and a reduced size (55x51x42.5 cm), equipped with a large 15 "touch screen color display. The lung ventilator can work even in the absence of compressed gas and mains voltage. A special and very quiet TURBINE ( <30 dB) guarantees its functionality even with battery. In addition, the patented HYBRID system allows operation with compressed gases in the event of turbine failure. This makes it suitable to be used even in difficult or uncomfortable situations. The fresh gas dosing system guarantees maximum safety, thanks to the system with double valve and double control. This way, the supply of oxygen can never be interrupted and in case of failure, there will be no overdoses of nitrous oxide. The PROTOLOCK safety system is able to analyze, on power-up, the coherence of the gases connected to the machine, warning the operator in case of wrong connections so as to avoid fatal accidents for the patient.
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