Virus Sampling Kit


CGI (without inactivator, including 1 swab), CGII (without inactivating agent, including 2 swabs), MHI (with inactivating agent, 1 swab), MHII (With inactivator, including 2 swabs). Tubes:PET The sampling head is made of sponge or non-woven fabric or nylon fluff, and the sampling handle is made of PP or ABS. Port: Qingdao or Shanghai Lead time: 45 Days after Payment Supply Ability: 10,000,000 Pieces/Month Application: This product is used to collect virus detection samples of nasal or pharynx secretions. The samples taken by swabs are stored in the virus preservation solution and can be used for virus detection, culture, and separation. Advantage: Virus Sampling kit for single use consists of virus storage tube, virus storage solution, swab and biosafety bag. Packaging Details: Packaging Type Specifictaion: Medium Package 390mm*255mm*90mm CTN Size: 420mm*415mm*275mm N/G Weight 7KG
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