Bovie® IDS-310 Electrosurgical Generator with Smoke Shark® II Smoke Evacuator


The Bovie® IDS-310 300-watt electrosurgical generator was designed in conjunction with OR clinicians to provide safe, user-friendly generators to meet all operating room procedure performance demands. These innovative energy-based devices offer 13 modes of surgical energy delivery. Special modalities include the advanced Bovie Bipolar, Auto Bipolar options and special Laparoscopic modes for surgeons to tailor all electrosurgery needs for their variety of surgical applications and user preferences. The Bovie® Smoke Shark® II is designed for ease of use and effective smoke and particle removal at the operative site. The Smoke Shark® II is designed for use with all electrosurgical generators and effectively controls smoke plume from lasers and other forms of advanced energy.
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