The modernised Elvido care beds are even more comfortable and digital. With easy operation and homelike design, the low-height beds ensure well-being in care facilities. Digital support is the key to more relief in nursing care. The new Out-of-Bed systems are a big step forward. Two variants are available: the OOB Smart, which is permanently installed on the bed, and the mobile OOB Flex, which works with a sensor bar on the mattress base. If a fall-prone resident gets up, both systems send the message on request no t only to the house call system, but also to smartphones and PCs.
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Stiegelmeyer Gmbh & Co. KgR.H12The Stiegelmeyer-Group equips hospitals and nursing homes with high-quality beds and furniture. The subsidiary Burmeier supports people in homecare with modern, homelike beds. Lifestyle beds for private customers combine a high quality of life and captivating design."We are focused on global growth," says Georgios Kampisiulis Kemmler, chairman of the management board. "Our products have been enthusiastically received at national and international trade fairs, for example the Vario Safe system for adaptable care beds and our Connectivity solutions. We are by far the German market leader in the areas of hospital, inpatient and homecare. This shows that our products and services precisely meet the customers' requirements."The Stiegelmeyer-Group manufactures more than 125,000 beds per year and employs around 1,100 people. In addition to the headquarters in Herford and the German sites in Nordhausen and Hiddenhausen, there are large production facilities in Stolno and Kepno in Poland. Beds and furniture from Stiegelmeyer are a safe investment for any establishment. The company has been family-run since its foundation in 1900 and stands for quality and reliability - in Germany and worldwide. Sales companies operate in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and South Africa. Stiegelmeyer products are exported to over 60 countries. The company uses state-of-the-art technology in production and at the same time pays attention to protecting the environment.