OmniLenz® is a bandage contact lens (BCL) that allows suture-free transplantation (onlay-barrier application) of Omnigen to the ocular surface in an ambulatory and outpatient setting. Suture-free transplantation of Omnigen means patients benefit from the barrier function of Omnigen without the need for surgery. Suture-free transplantation of Omnigen is suitable for a range of applications.
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NuVision Biotherapies LtdR.R72NuVision® Biotherapies ( is an award-winning biotechnology company spun out of the University of Nottingham, UK. NuVision was established to develop and commercialise innovative and clinically disruptive tissue-based therapies to effectively manage soft tissue damage situations across multiple clinical specialities across a global market, including ophthalmology, dry eye disease, diabetic foot ulcers and wider wound care.  Developed by the founder and CSO, Dr Andrew Hopkinson, our first platform technology, Tereo® processed human amniotic membrane, is manufactured from the innermost layer of the placental sac that surrounds, protects and nurtures the developing baby. Amniotic membrane has potent natural anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring, and healing properties. Our proprietary Tereo® manufacture process uniquely overcomes the known limitations of conventional cryo-preservation and dehydration methodologies, to delicately preserves the important natural qualities and beneficial properties of amniotic membrane in a dry and stable, off-the-shelf, and highly functional format. Tereo is a patent protected process that allows the cost-effective, manufacture of highly standardised and effective products with versatile wound care application potential.  NuVision’s is currently disrupting ophthalmology, transforming the way eye disease is managed: Omnigen®, TereoÒ processed amniotic membrane product range, is available for the management of a range of conditions including corneal disease, ocular surface reconstruction, dry eye disease and inflammatory conditions. OmnigenÒ provides a versatile modality that supports early and effective management of inflammation and fibrosis, to enhance healing and clinical outcomes for transformed patient care.  OmniLenz®, a unique bandage contact lens, allowing suture-free application of OmnigenÒ. The simplicity of OmniLenzÒ application of OmnigenÒ (, utilises a straightforward 4–6-minute procedure, revolutionising and simplifying amniotic membrane use, which enables access in routine out-patient, emergency, optometry, and private settings.  Our unique OmnigenÒ and OmniLenzÒ treatment strategy provides the solution for complete ophthalmology patient care, uniquely facilitating early and preventive intervention in a broader range of superficial/moderate eye diseases, which traditionally would be excluded from the regenerative benefits of amniotic membrane transplantation.  Almost 10,000 treatments have already been distributed to help fight sight-destroying disease, which are routinely used throughout the UK NHS, and are distributed across 10 countries including through Ophthalmology partnerships in Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, and Kuwait. OmnigenÒ-OmniLenzÒ have been clinically validated via peer reviewed publications supporting safety and effectiveness, with ongoing clinical trials in dry eye and inflammatory disease. NuVision’s second focus is diabetic foot ulcers and wider wound care, with published pilot clinical trial data already supporting improved healing and patient recovery. TereoÒ processed amniotic membrane is a versatile treatment modality that has the potential to be applied across further soft-tissue damage situation to utilise improve natural healing. NuVision’s expert research and clinical development team continuously work to expand the use of the Tereo process resulting in an exciting technology pipeline.  NuVision is looking to expand our international commercial partnerships in Ophthalmology and Wound Care in the global arena, as well as exploring opportunities to develop enhance surgical and outpatient innovations for a range of healthcare markets. We look forward to engaging and speaking with you.