Healthcare Operations Management


The RADIOOGY Planning and IHDG team brings expertise:
From market analysis, facility planning, equipment procurement / siting, finance guarantees, and healthcare facility management and operations to the benefit of our project partners. With decades of experience in international market assessment, equipment siting, facility planning, and operations, our team is an integrated project partner in the development and operation of private medical clinics and hospitals. Project Finance Guarantees: 
Positioned to help qualified clients take advantage of project financing guarantees for procurement of top-quality products, services, and intellectual property from the United States through the US-backed Export / Import Bank (EXIM). Services and Equipment typically account for over 50% of a healthcare projects development budget. Our team can provide financing options for both procurement and installation of these goods and services. Market Research / Business Plan: 
The IHDG group can bring extensive market research to the benefit of our project partners. By capitalizing economic and market data, our project partners are confident that they’re making strategic decisions based on the best available market intelligence. From market segmentation and demographics, to competitive and payor analyses, The IHDG group can bring surety to your critical decisions. Healthcare Operations: 
The IHDG group has expert management consultants in healthcare clinics and hospital start-up and operations. With experience gained in the most competitive market in the world, our American management professionals can assure success. We can provide full staffing solutions, including partnerships with our strategic US based healthcare partners to provide 24/7 tele-medicine and tele-radiology services.
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Radiology PlanningS1.J51RADIOLOGY-Planning, is a global industry leader in Imaging Design services devoted to maximizing the value of complex medical imaging equipment through expert design services.  Through careful equipment planning and facility layout, RADIOLOGY-Planning (RAD-Planning) improves technical / operational efficiencies and financial performance of imaging and therapy departments.Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine comprise the most expensive departments to build and operate.  When a piece of imaging or therapy equipment costs more than the area housing it, this is a project where RAD-Planning brings unparalleled value.From MRI scanners, to PET/CT, linear accelerators, nMR spectrometers and nuclear medicine, RAD-Planning assists our clients in expert equipment planning and facility design.  RAD-Planning provides specialty consultation and design services to private and governmental services, in healthcare, research and industrial settings.RAD-Planning can provide full professional architectural and engineering services, though the firm more often collaborates with equipment vendors, local architects or builders as an expert consultant on facility planning, design, and construction. The firm’s experts have also contributed to the development of major equipment siting guidance, standards, and codes, including those from the American Institute of Architects, the Facilities Guidelines Institute, the American College of Radiology, design guides for the US Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, and ISO.Poorly planned imaging equipment lead to construction delays, cost overruns, and lifelong sacrifices in safety and operational efficiency.  Expert design consultation from RAD-Planning is a cost-effective method to minimize the financial and operational impacts for radiology and nuclear medicine departments.