3 Stage Balloon Dilator


MultiStage® Balloon Dilator is intended to be used to endoscopically dilate strictures located in the esophagus, pylorus, duodenum, colon and the airway tree, also available for use in ERCP biliary stone extraction and Dilatation Assisted Stone Extraction(DASE) procedures. * Three Stage Dilatation: three separate dilatation pressures with three distinct and precise diameters. * Precision Dilatation: Precision controlled balloon diameter and length expansion * Strength Dilatation: The balloon was made with optimized high pressure material for strength and rupture resistant. * Rapid Inflation and Deflation: the optimized dual lumen catheter design make little or no balloon waist with rapid inflation and deflation times. * Enhanced Visibility and Traceability: The rounded shoulders facilitate visualization of the strictures while dilating.
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