Blyott Remote Insights Platform (BTL-RSP)


The Blyott Remote Insights Platform provides you with an all-in-one solution to track and monitor thousands of assets. Get real-time insights into your (mobile) assets, let staff see where equipment like beds, pumps, and mattresses are located in a hospital, and improve efficiencies. The Remote Insights Platform is a serverless and scalable architecture that thanks to its IoT backbone allows various vendors to join in. USE CASES include: > Locating: indoor and real-time location of assets and staff, patient flows, live inventory, theft prevention, etc. > Monitoring: temperature in refrigerators, room occupancy, restroom utilisation, air quality, emergency buttons, etc. > Insights: indoor localisation, combined with "Big Data" analytics, further helps hospitals monitor the utilisation of assets and optimise process flows and patient flows. To sum up, by implementing an RTLS, the location of all inventory is known at all times, decreasing the possibility of loss, theft, or misplacing. It helps to ensure preventative maintenance and inventory control and prevents the purchase of orders that would lead to over or understocks. #Bluetooth #Software #IoT #LocationTracking #RTLS
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