Blyott Fixed Locator (BT-L1)


If your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, the BT-L1 is an excellent option. Based on either BLE MAC address prefixes or BLE manufacturer IDs, the locator only listens to relevant Bluetooth broadcasts, consequently saving overall network traffic. The BT-L1 is pre-configured, works out of the box, and includes remote management (OTA). After picking up broadcasts, data is securely sent to the Blyott Cloud via either the built-in 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet port or 2.4GHz. The firmware on the BT-L1 is protected via code signing and secure boot. Communication between the locator and the Blyott Cloud happens via the MQTT protocol, secured by a TLS tunnel layer. Additionally, authentication and encryption are done through X. 509 certificates individually assigned to each device and signed by Blyott. That way, you can safely isolate devices in the unlikely event that certificates should breach. The device is powered via either USB or PoE. To sum up, by implementing an RTLS, the location of all inventory can be known at all times, decreasing the possibility of loss, theft, or misplacing. It helps to ensure preventative maintenance and inventory control and prevents the purchase of orders that would lead to over or understocks. Use in combination with the Blyott Remote Insights Platform - a serverless and scalable architecture that thanks to its IoT backbone allows various vendors to join in. #Bluetooth #Software #IoT #LocationTracking #RTLS
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