Blyott Standard Tag (BT-T1)


The BT-T1 tag is a BLE V5.0 compliant module with secure, custom firmware and a waterproof, easy-to-clean casing. The BT-T1 helps you keep track of your (mobile) assets and is designed to fulfill all requirements for asset tracking, logistics, item management, and predictive maintenance use cases. With optimised and ultra-low power consumption, the tag guarantees an extremely long battery life. A high-precision accelerometer sensor permits detection of any movements, vibrations, shocks, or specific falls. The built-in push button can be programmed via the Blyott platform according to your needs and use cases. For instance, pressing the button can notify staff that a room needs cleaning. The temperature sensor further enhances the overall tag functionalities to allow for real-time temperature monitoring, including the support for monitoring cold chain applications. Finally, a secure operational mode is included and based on an AES-128 crypto algorithm. To sum up, by implementing an RTLS, the location of all inventory can be known at all times, decreasing the possibility of loss, theft, or misplacing. It helps to ensure preventative maintenance and inventory control and prevents the purchase of orders that would lead to over or understocks. Use in combination with the Blyott Remote Insights Platform - a serverless and scalable architecture that thanks to its IoT backbone allows various vendors to join in. #Bluetooth #Software #IoT #LocationTracking #RTLS
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