Samed Didactics Global - Medical Education Software


Our new software Samed Didactics Global is aimed at students, medical assistants and specialists from various disciplines as well as companies who want to present their products to customers more efficiently and practically. The software includes a theoretical part in which the practical implementation of a surgical treatment is demonstrated and taught. In the training part the practical implementation of the surgical intervention / treatment in diagnostics and therapy is imparted and thus also the instrument handling or the use of medical aids and consumables (catheters, stone catching baskets etc.) for the therapy. At the customer‘s request, contents in the form of course programs can be integrated into the software. Different languages can also be implemented. Samed Didactics Global is a teaching and training software developed by Samed GmbH Dresden for learning and training surgical-endoscopic interventions in medicine. Built on a theoretical part of the Peyton learning method and a part for practical exercises to deepen the learning of our training equipment, the software conveys the theory of practice. With Samed Didactics Global, students as well as doctors can familiarize themselves with the subject of endoscopy.
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