Nutrifactor provides a wide range of food supplements in an easy to swallow solid dosage forms such as tablets. These tablet forms comprise of essential vitamins, minerals and other beneficial herb extracts which provide various health benefits to both men and women. Our food supplements range of tablets cover all aspects of adult health such as immune health, reproductive health, brain, heart, nervous system, bone, joint and muscle health etc. For children, we have great tasting chewable tablets which are convenient and safe to use and are designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. Our tablets forms are safe, effective and stable with respect to chemical, physical and microbiological properties.
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NUTRIFACTOR LAB PVT LTDS1.C85Nutrifactor has been manufacturing food supplements, vitamins, minerals and other natural health care products for more than 10 years. Our 30+ years of expertise in family owned pharmaceutical business has enabled us to identify industry trends far ahead of the competition. Nutrifactor has invested heavily in extensive manufacturing, well equipped laboratory, modern instruments, efficient distribution and warehousing capabilities that position us for future growth and allow us to serve better both domestically and internationally.OUR DOSAGE FORMSNutrifactor manufactures a wide range of top-quality healthcare products in various dosage forms at competitive prices. i.e Tablets, capsules,Gummies, Softgels, Liquids, Powders.NUTRIFACTOR'S PROMISE TO YOUNutrifactor is passionate about our commitment to your good health and promises to provide the highest quality food supplements and natural products at the best possible price.WHY NUTRIFACTOR'S SUPPLEMENTSOur customer's trust is built on our efforts to create, formulate and manufacture these products to high quality standards. Our people in quality assurance, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and facility management are all required to meet the standards for current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).TESTING FROM START TO FINISHAt Nutrifactor, ingredients and finished products testing is the backbone of our quality assurance programs. The investments we've made in the laboratories and technical staff help us to ensure quality and purity.HIGH-QUALITY STARTS WITH CLEAN INGREDIENTSOur strict requirements for ingredient quality and comprehensive scientific process ensure that every lot of ingredients accepted into our facility meets our stringent specifications.SUPERIOR MANUFACTURINGNutrifactor meets the cGMPs to ensure our delivery of commitment to quality. Nutrifactor was one of the first companies to be cGMP certified.