Developed in collaboration with leading obstetricians in Germany, the newly updated Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) Simulator P97 PRO provides a solution for hands-on and realistic training sessions for early recognition, systematic evaluation and treatment of PPH. Severe bleeding after birth can be fatal for the new mother within hours if she is not diagnosed and treated. To improve PPH outcomes, the PPH trainer P97 PRO from 3B Scientific helps obstetric and healthcare professional teams train the timely management and care of postpartum bleeding. With P97 PRO, three main postpartum bleeding causes can be evaluated and treated: Tonus, trauma and tissue. Different levels of the uterine tone are easy to adjust. On this PPH trainer, even the suturing of vaginal tears is possible and the rupture inserts are replaceable. The placenta is made of silicone for a realistic feel and softness. A retained placenta can be manually removed from the uterine cavity to train the required medical interventions. Thanks to a 3000 ml blood reservoir and the compact tubing system, major severe PPH scenarios can be simulated. 1023727 PPH Simulator P97 PRO Delivery content: • PPH Trainer P97 Pro • Blood reservoir 3000 ml • Color coded bleeding connector • Placenta with three residual pieces • Two foam uteri • Artificial blood concentrate • Lubricant • Replacement kit (1x rupture insert, 1 set of residual pieces) • Drying stand for uterus cavity
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