Central e-Prescription


e-Prescription is a centralized system that covers all the processes of prescribing with the integration of all the relevant stakeholders in the entire country. The system provides better treatment guidelines for prescribers by providing accurate, up-to-date drug information, and clinical decision support alerts. The patient history and previous prescriptions are provided to prescribers for the treatment plan of the patient. The system also helps prescribers to change their prescription writing behaviors by providing defined drug policies. The e-Prescription empowers health policies by supplying effective policy applications that are reflected directly to all the stakeholders. Health authorities can obtain health analytics, reports, and statistics from the drug usage and drug writing rate data that includes drug classification groups are collected by the system. Just like every digital transformation revolution, e-Prescription also supports green technology and sustainability by decreasing/eliminating the use of paper prescriptions. TIGA e-Prescription is in use in Turkey with daily average 1 M+ processed presciptions, and in Qatar since 2021.
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