Infusion Set


DESCRIPTION Super smooth kink resistance tubing ensures uniform flow rate. Clear, Transparent & Flexible Drip. Chamber with sharp and easy piercing Spike. Smooth Roller Clamp Facilitates easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates. Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed. OPTIONS AVAILABLE: With or Without Airvent. With or Without Needle. With or Without "Y" Connection. With or Without Luer Lock. With or Without Dial type Flow Regulator. Latex or Latex Free. PVC or PVC Free. Available with 1.2 or 0.2 Micron In-Line Filter. Available with Needle-Free Connectors. Available with DEHP Free Material. Available with Check - Valve. Tube Length : 150cms, 180cms, 200cms. Size : Adult, Child.
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