DrugXafe - Drug Track and Trace System


DrugXafe is the first system in the world that can track and trace each drug boxes in the entire country with end-to-end traceability. DrugXafe is a centralized system that all of the stakeholders are fully integrated to send and take real-time notification. The system notifies the stakeholders and authorities for each transaction of drugs from the production till it will be used by the patient. By providing the ability of monitoring, tracking, and tracing all the movements of drugs, the system provides countless benefits such as preventing counterfeit drugs, parallel trade, resell of expired/recalled drugs, applying protocols effectively, ensuring stocks, supplying effective recalling. DrugXafe is in use in several countries. Turkey is the first country that has used this solution, and where the journey started for us. It is in use in Turkey since 2010, so over a decade. Saudi Arabia became the second country in the world, DrugXafe is in use there since 2018. Now we provide the same for Qatar in 2022. For more information: https://www.tigahealth.com/p/drugxafe-drug-track-trace-system/
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