AI Instructions


Augmented Vision provides digital self-service that reduces the time spent operating the device and improves the user experience. The new medical device installation and operation process is simple: 1/ Access the device, 2/ Open the app and scan the device with your phone camera. 3/ Using AI, the app will recognize the device or the current installation status and Augmented Reality holograms will guide you step-by-step through the entire operation or self-installation process. AI will solve any installation issues without any human interaction. Augmented Vision solution: - operates in real time and in offline mode. All computations of computer vision algorithms are executed on the device. Thus, our solution does not require additional costs in the form of maintenance of computing servers. Additionally, our customers do not have to solve the problem of data privacy. - the possibility of using in cloud-computing mode. - can be delivered as a module that will be integrated with the existing application.
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