Dagamma DP250 & DP200 Pulse Oximeter with User Configurable SpO2 and Pulse Rate Alarm


Check your blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and perfusion index conveniently at your fingertips, literally. It delivers results quickly on one of the largest all-screen rotatable LED displays, facilitating ergonomic use on both hands. IP22 level water + dust resistance and compact design makes this ideal for on-the-go use. Users may also set up SpO2 and Pulse Rate alarm limits to better monitor their wellbeing. Perfect for the elderly, COPD or sleep apnea patients, athletes, pilots, and others who need to keep an eye on their saturation levels or for COVID-19 symptoms. FEATURES 1. Fast results 2. Sleek, modern and intuitive design 3. IP22 level water and dust resistance 4. Up to 35 hours of continuous monitoring on fully charged batteries 5. All-screen design with 1.5” LED rotatable display 6. Measures SpO2 level, pulse rate perfusion index 7. Configurable high or low SpO2 and pulse rate audio alarms for more effective health monitoring 8. Device resists external interferences 9. Auto shut-off feature and low battery indicator 10. Battery saver screen brightness control 11. Batteries and accessories included
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