Baby Doppler - Sonoline B Fetal Doppler + Mobile App & Patient Information Management Platform


During the pandemic, expectant mothers may be asked to have telehealth prenatal consultations by their providers. Using the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler with the provider’s guidance can ease virtual consultations and keep providers informed when regular in-person prenatal visits are less frequent. The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler allows any expectant mothers to easily hear the baby's heartbeat. The back-lit screen displays the fetal heart rate (FHR), and sounds are projected in real-time from the high-quality speaker. Portable and lightweight, this device is battery-operated and can be used continuously for at least 10 hours. Sonoline is formerly a trademarked brand of Siemens, until it had been acquired by Dagamma Ecommerce Solutions Inc. in 2019. According to Healthline, The “Sonoline B It’s one of the most widely recommended brands” Cleared by the FDA. This particular Sonoline device has proven its position as a top seller in most US distribution channels and is referenced in numerous Government health procurement tenders. It is also supplied to major US government-sponsored clinical research studies that expands the application of fetal dopplers as an ambulatory home monitoring device. Contact us for more information. Beyond the device, we offer unparalleled access to fetal arrhythmia data for building machine learning and AI, which continuously improves the Sonoline system’s accuracy and efficacy for users. The latter IP component is what differentiates us as a value-added supplier from all others, which is detailed in a comparison chart in our catalogue. Demand for our software driven remote monitoring solutions are steadily rising with the wider adoption of telehealth in midst of an almost never-ending pandemic. Therefore, we are continuing to innovate as a company, to deliver new solutions that contribute to the advancement of tele-perinatal medicine and improving healthcare outcomes.
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