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4D ultrasound system like : Voluson E-series E10 E8 E6 , Voluson S-series , Voluson P-series . Samsung WS80 , HS60, HS40 , HS30 . PHILIPS EPIQ , HD15 Cardiac ultrasound : GE VIVID s70, VIVID Q, VIVID 7 , VIVID S6 , PHILIPS HD15 , EPIQ ,Siemens SC2000, S2000 portable ultrasound :like : Mylab Gamma , Logiq e , voluson i , Voluson e, Cx50 , vivid i ,vivid q Obstetric Ultrasound like : Voluson series E10 E8 E6 S10 S8 S6 P8 P6 SWIFT PHILIPS HD15 Affinit 70 50 30 Clearvue 350 550 650 Samsung WS80 , HS60 , HS40 , X8 Radiology ultrasound like : Logiq e9 , logiq S8 , logiq p10 logiq 9 logiq 6 logiq 5 logiq im logiq e , Affiniti 70 50 30 HD15 HD11 , clearvue 650 , cx50 , Siemens S2000 , Samsung RS80 WS80 HS40 Gynecology ultrasound like Voluson series E10 E8 E6 S10 S8 S6 P8 P6 SWIFT PHILIPS HD15 Affinit 70 50 30 Clearvue 350 550 650 Samsung WS80 , HS60 , HS40 , X8 we sale : ultrasound probes , Transducers , Scanhead for all brands
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UltraVision Medical Equipment TradingS2.E03Ultravision medical EquipmentTrading L.L.C Is a group of passionnate highly qualified expertises in the latest technology of the medical equipment domain born in 2008, deliver its service to Middle East & Africa from the head office in Dubai . We aim to provide ULtrasound diagnostic systems systems from the top international companies with competitive price, like GE , Philips , Siemens , Canon(Toshiba) , Fujifilm (Hitachi-Aloka ). Along with distinctive after sales service which cover application training, maintenance and spare parts for all uLtrasound systems. We are proud to deliver individual services by itself like application training for ultrasound systems , maintenance, software, service training and spare parts for any medical device. We are pioneer in 4D ultrasound and wireless ultrasound . we can do training on 4D Ultrasound ,3d ultrasound , 5D ultrasound, and Wireless Ultrasound.we cover all kind of ultrasound like : Cardiac ultrasound , OB ultrasound , Radiography ultrasound , Gyn ultrasound , POC ultrasound , General ultrasound .we have consumables and accessoires likes : ECG cable , Reusable Pulse Oximetry , Reusable Temperature Probes ,Reusable NIBP Cuffs and Hoses ,Bipolar & Monopolar Silicone Cables, Disposable Pressure Transducer , Invasive Blood Pressure(IBP) Cable & Adapters ,Reusable Pressure Infusors , Humidifier Heater Wire Adapters , Universal Light Source Cables ,Special Cables and AccessoriesPursue to differentiate our service by the 2Q's: Quick & Qualified We belive in long term partnership with all of our clients, and this is what we are looking for ..