MESI mTABLET primary care package: ECG, BP, SPO2 and SPIRO


Primary healthcare does not only cover diagnosis, treatment, and referrals. General practitioners are in the pivotal position for managing risk factors and preventive care and supporting the management of long-term healthcare, including chronic conditions. Since they are constantly juggling the very little time they have for each patient, the latest technology that optimizes practitioner-patient time is crucial. MESI mTABLET is a unique healthcare solution, integrating wireless diagnostic modules, patient records, and medical apps in one system. For the need of primary care diagnostics MESI mTABLET presents: - MESI mTABLET ECG: a wireless and portable diagnostic device that makes it easy to capture, analyze and share high-quality ECG data that can be accessed for consultation with cardiologists or specialists from any device. - MESI mTABLET BP: a portable blood pressure monitor for fast and accurate readings. With the help of digital filters, the pulse waveforms are isolated and shown on the screen. - MESI mTABLET SPO2: a wireless pulse oximeter system for screening, diagnosing or monitoring acute respiratory or heart illness. The system is designed for acquiring, viewing, and storing measurements from adult and pediatric patients. - MESI mTABLET SPIRO: spirometer with the wireless mode of operation for practice or home-care use. It uses pneumotachograph technology with integrated self-calibration for accurate measurements at any time. Automatic best breath selection gives a clear and intuitive measurement review.
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