Reanibex 100 - AED Defibrillator


REANIBEX 100 is a portable, user-friendly automated external defibrillator (AED) which empowers non-professionals to provide fast, effective first aid treatment to cardiac arrest victims, adults or children. With intuitive graphics, audio messages and a metronome with instructions for CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) between defibrillations, the user is guided through the resuscitation process with clear voice messages. FEATURES • With Communications: Sigfox transmission for alerts and geolocation and WiFi transmission for alerts, geolocation, equipment upgrade and episodes sending. • Semi- or Fully-Automatic: In the Semi-automatic version the rescuer has to push the shock button to deliver the shock. In the fully automatic version the shock is delivered automatically when needed. • Faster Shock: Automatically switched on when the cover is opened, pre-connected pads and precharge for a faster shock delivery. APPLICATIONS • Reanibex Data Net: Web application for monitoring AED devices. Alerts generation about the status of the devices and their accessories, geolocation, equipment configuration, software updates and the possibility to display test results and episodes. • Reanibex NFC Reader: NFC application for Android devices to check the status of the REANIBEX 100 and its accesories without PC connection. • Reanibex USB Sync: PC application to synchronize the AED with the Reanibex Data Net via USB to configure the device and to download the information stored in the REANIBEX 100.
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