danumed Gravity Set / FeedBag / Gravity FeedBag


The danumed Gravity Feeding Sets for the administration of enteral feeds are available in three versions: The danumed Gravity Spike with ENPlus Spike is connected to prefilled feeding bags and to the danumed FeedBags. The danumed Gravity Universal with ENPlus Spike and additional danumed Universal Adapter is used for connection to prefilled feeding bags, as well as to crown caps and wide-neck bottles. The danumed Gravity FeedBag consists of a gravity feeding set with firmly fixed 1500ml empty bag. The large inner diameter of the tube ensures a good flow rate and enables the smooth gravity application of even high-calorie, high-fibre tube feeds. All danumed Gravity Sets are equipped with ENFit® connectors for highest patient safety, a three-way stopcock for easy and comfortable drug administration and a long tube for flexible handling. For enteral nutrition and fluid balancing, danumed's empty enteral bag, the danumed FeedBag, is available. With a large filling volume of 1.5 litres, an ENPlus connector for connection to all enteral feeding sets and a large topfiller neck for convenient filling of the bag, the danumed FeedBag is flexible in use and offers patient safety and user comfort.
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