danumed Enteral Syringes, ENFit


The danumed Enteral Syringes, Single Use, with female ENFit® connector are specially designed to meet the needs of enteral nutrition. For administration of enteral feeds, medicines, fluids, for decompression and flushing. All danumed Enteral Syringes are equipped with ENFit® connector to prevent tubing misconnections and offer maximum patient safety. An extensive range of sizes from 1ml to 100ml allows safe use in neonates, children and adults. Small syringes 1 ml, 3 ml and 5 ml are available with Low-Dose Tip to reduce dead space volume and help prevent medication overdosage. A wide range of accessories completes the range, e.g. danumed Syringe Caps (one size fits all) and danumed Enteral Straws in various sizes/lengths.
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