Dynamic D Power tool system


We, Sciencemedic launching disposable power tool system which Saw, drill and reamer. Normally in operation field and the main user which is surgeon really worry about infection and contamination, and power tool will be one of source for it because it is reuse all the time. Regarding this fact, end user need to perform reuse process which is clean-sterilization-preparation, it may cost man power, time and cost with every single use of power tool. This is main reason we develop and launching Disposable power tool system which called Dynamic D series. We do have advantage with this new concept of power tool. - The chance and rate of infection and contamination dramatically decrease during use disposable power tool compare with reuse-power tool system - It saves time and cost, also the man-power - The cost is really competitive and no need any preparation process. - Easy to use and we apply same metal head as reusable power tool we have to guarantee good performance. - No need to prepare additional accessories when already have our reusable power tool system. the accessories are shareable for both. It is time to create a better experience for Surgeon and Patients.
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