With this innovative unit Idetec matches the portability and ease of use of its mobile systems with the innovation of digital technology whose main features are mainly the optimization of both image quality and patient dose, and, not secondarily, immediate availability of patient and exam data throughout network. SD30M has been designed so to obtain a compact device, extremely easy to move around. Thanks to the use of very light materials, and a proper study of distribution of weights on SD30M, together with large diameter back-wheels and swivel front-wheels, SD30M handling and transport are extremely easy, allowing the unit to overcome obstacles with extreme simplicity. SD30M limited overall dimension allows the operator to have good visibility during transportation and great mobility when passing through small and narrow spaces and elevators. SD30M high maneuverability permits the unit to well operate also in intensive care units, well known for reduced space due to the encumbrance of vital devices that cannot be disconnected. SD30M is characterized with a “dead man” breaking system with a comfortable handle that facilitates the unit movement and positioning. The breaking system blocks the unit in any position, just by releasing the handle bar. The Telescopic and rotating arm gives the flexibility you have always wanted for a mobile X-ray system: with its ±315° degree rotation provides additional all the necessary freedom when positioning the unit for bottom bed and bedside examinations. When not in use, the arm can be completely folded and fixed, with a safety lock, in its rest position, increasing operator visibility during transportation.
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