"IRIS" 4D Dental Surgery Navigation System


"IRIS" 4D Dental Surgery Navigation System provide professionals with high-tech dental navigation solutions during implantology, zygomatic implant surgeries, endodontics, and orthodontics. The system features the usage of the most advanced 4D optical positioning technology and real-time tracking, assisting the dentist to monitor the position of surgical instruments during the operation at all times, avoiding dangerous areas such as nerves and sinus location, while reducing risks and unnecessary damage on the patient. What are the benefits offered by IRIS? 1. Total visibility of your instruments at all times for both doctors and patients' safety and comfort. 2. Real-time monitoring of surgical instruments throughout the whole process to assure surgery outcomes as originally planned. 3. Minimally invasive surgery: faster recovery with less trauma. 4. Maximum accuracy and safetiness during dental sugeries. 5. Avoids excessive radiation dosages during the treatment. 6. Reduces medical risks; eases patient's discomfort.
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