D²RS: the whole STEPHANIX expertise. Each anatomical protocol controls the automation of table positioning, collimation, filters, acquisition parameters and post-processing. The lateral and longitudinal movements combined with the column angulation (+/- 40 °) allow complete coverage of the tabletop under X-rays, as well as true rear access. For difficult-to-position patients, D²RS has no limitation of movement up to 230 kg, and can support up to 310 kg in horizontal position. STEPHANIX has redesigned its control console. A new design, new materials, new technologies, all these elements to make our products ever more modern.
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StephanixS2.D50ASTEPHANIX is a French company specialized in medical imaging solutions for over thirty-five years. A manufacturer of remote-controlled tables for R&F imaging applications, we design, develop and manufacture our products at our facility in France. Our complete and diversified range meets the needs of x-ray departments in hospitals, clinics and private establishments. Associated with well renowned partners, STEPHANIX provides solutions in digital radiology: remote controlled tables, mobile x-ray units, rad rooms, surgical c-arms, consoles, and many other equipment. French innovation is one of STEPHANIX's strengths. D²RS, our remote-controlled table is certified «Origine France Garantie». Much more demanding than the simple criterion «Made In France», this certification guarantees that the D²RS essential characteristics are designed and manufactured in France. We also fulfill the requirement that >=  50% of the total manufacturing materials and labour cost be of domestic France origin. STEPHANIX is a member of the French Healthcare Association promoting the French expertise in healthcare. French Healthcare Association conveys the worldwide excellence and impact of the French health products and services.Our systems are CE marked and registered with the FDA, Health Canada, TGA, SFDA. Thanks to these certifications, our products are available worldwide, 30% of our sales are international.  STEPHANIX head office is located near Saint-Etienne in France, with 170 employees in France, and a turnover over 50 million euros.