Carefully designed to complement modern ambulance design with rounded proiles and gloss white surfaces the range uses anti-bacterial and ire-retardant plastics. Items are available with surface or rear entry and exit for gas and electrical connections, suitable for UK and International configurations. The range includes: • Automatic Change Over Valve. Automatically switches between two supply cylinders when the irst is empty. Working from Line Pressure (for Cylinders with Integral Regulators) or a version working from Cylinder Pressure (for Cylinders with Separate Regulators). The display incorporates cylinder in use, pressure, cylinder requires attention/replacement together with visual and audible warnings for safety critical conditions. • Remote Panel. Duplicates the display and controls on the Automatic Change Over Valve, enabling medical staff to see all the information, visual warnings and hear audible warnings without leaving their work area. Control of mute, reset and manual control of changeover can all be carried out at the Remote Panel. • Low Pressure Warning. A warning system for use with two cylinder or single cylinder systems. The Low Pressure Warning gives visual and audible warning of low pressure alerting users to check the supply cylinder and switch to a new supply. The Low Pressure Warning panel can be located remotely from the oxygen pipeline in the position suitable for the medical staff to see, hear and take action. The above systems enable users to maximise their use of medical gas cylinder contents while operating safely. • Manual Change Over Valve. • Low Pressure Warning Gauge. • ORB (tm) Smoothflow Ambulance Terminal Unit • Design and Assembly Service • Accessories
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