Ensure the maximum in patient safety and treatment efficiency with Surdial X, an easy to operate hemodialysis system that offers excellent flexibility and individualized treatments. Operators are guided by step-by-step visual and sound notifications, while adjustable programs allow each treatment to match the specific needs of patient prescriptions. Reliable and inexhaustible, Surdial X is ideal for HD, HF, and (online) HDF. 3-pump system for maximum flexibility – HD, HF, and (online) HDF with automatic selection of treatment mode Limited disinfectant consumption and short disinfection time Machine-assisted loading of pump segments Intuitive user interface with full text guidance Clear overview of treatment status Patient card reader Connection to external networks Available functions Blood Pressure Monitoring (BPM) Blood Volume Monitor (BVM) Clean Treatment Start (CTS) Dialysate Infusion Function (DIF) Dialyzer leakage control Dose Detector Function Max-Sub Function
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Nipro Middle East FZEH4.F50Nipro Corporation was founded in 1954 with its head office in Osaka Japan. Nipro employs 35,251 people worldwide with net sales Japanese ¥442,516 million  with operating income of ¥26,240 million through its 7 business units; hemodialysis (Renal Care), hospital consumables (Hospital Products), blood glucose diagnostics (Diabetes Care), oxygenators and accessories (Cardiopulmonary, medical glass products (Pharma Packaging), enzymes and in-vitro diagnostic products (Enzymes & IVD) and Pharmaceuticals. Our main manufacturing sites are located in Japan, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, France, and the USA.Nipro has built its reputation on consistent high levels of quality and service. With multiple offices throughout the world, it prides itself in being close to the customers and servicing to local needs. In our Renal Care division, Nipro offers the full portfolio of products to optimally treat our patients in the safest and most cost-efficient way. The Surdial X dialysis device is a state of the art device offering the full range of procedures from HD to HDF and SLED treatments. The device has been developed to be easy to use, ease to maintain and to reduce the total cost of ownership over the life-time of the device.Nipro has Surdial 55 and Diamax Dialysis Machine models.The same is true for the Nipro water treatment system Phoenix One DS. The Phoenix One DS is made with high-end PVDF piping to reduce significantly reduce the biofilm formation and a connected PLC operated system for remote monitoring of the device. This, in combination with a fully redundant design, guarantees a full permeate output at all times, even if a membrane or pump would be defective allowing your dialysis center to continue treating your patients at all times.Our range of dialyzers, the Elisio and Solacea, have unique features that make these the preferred product for patients and doctors.The Elisio is Bisphenol free and studies have shown that due to the unique design of the product less Heparin is needed than in competitive products.The Solacea is the only dry CTA membrane currently available that is designed for online HDF treatments. At last, patients with a tendency to allergic reactions have a solution for comfortable and efficient dialysis.In addition to our innovative products, Nipro prides itself in trained and experienced staff that know our products and customers personally.