Cercare Perfusion | Brain CT and MRI


Boost your radiology workflow and assessment speed with fully-automated, easy-to-read, and easy-to-use perfusion imaging.​ Cercare Perfusion is a fully automated perfusion imaging solution for brain CT and MRI. Using a patient-specific vascular model, it generates perfusion maps of unparalleled quality for fast and reliable assessment of brain tissue viability and oxygenation.   KEY BENEFITS * Additional insights into brain tissue oxygenation without any extra effort from a radiologist Perfusion imaging is complicated. We make advanced perfusion simple so healthcare professionals have the information they need when they need it without putting additional work in. * Saving time with fully-automated postprocessing​​ Selecting arterial input function (AIF) is a mundane, routine task. Yet it directly influences the quality of generated perfusion maps and takes up a significant amount of a radiologist’s time. Cercare Perfusion uses AI to automate this process allowing to get straight to the scan interpretation. * Clear, high-quality perfusion maps​​ Perfusion images are typically quite noisy making it difficult to spot minor changes and give an accurate and confident assessment. Cercare Perfusion uses a patient-specific vascular model resulting in perfusion maps of unparalleled quality.
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