DefiMax Plus advanced clinical defibrillator


Multifunctional and advanced biphasic defibrillator. DefiMax Plus enables monitoring of patient's vital signs, such as: ECG, pulse oximetry (SpO2), arterial pressure mesured by non-invasive (NIBP) and invasive (IBP) methods, temperature, respiration and end tidal carbon dioxide (etCO2). The energy impulse is precisely adjusted to patient's physical parameters, thanks to the analysis of the impedance during the impulse delivery. The use of this technology allows to minimize an injury of the heart muscle, relating to the delivery of too high defibrillation energy comparing to the energy chosen by a user. The device can perform defibrillation in a manual, synchronous (cardioversion) or automatic (AED) modes. A transcutaneous pacemaker allows work in asynchronous and synchronous modes.
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