FX 3000 compact patient monitor


Compact patient monitor which enables monitoring and supervision of patient's vital signs. The measurement modules of the FX 3000 patient monitor can be configured according to the requirements of the end user. Due to wide range of parameters, the device can supervise adults, children and neonates. Large 15" or 19" LCD TFT display with Touch Screen makes the use of the monitor simple and comfortable. It can be aslo operated by a rotary knob. The FX 3000 compact patient monitor is mainly used in internal and neurology departments, as well as pediatric and neonatal units or in private clininc. Due to built in, rechargeable battery the monitor is perfect to work as a portable device inside a hospital building. The FX 3000 patient monitor can be connected with other EMTEL monitors and central station into network what makes the work of the medical staff easier and more effective.
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