hemodialysis machine W-T2008-B


1.Core spare parts made in European countries. For example, solenoid valves are from the same supplier as Fresenius from German. Electronic parts are from Europe or Korea. 2.Conductivity technology improved base on Gambro technology. With unique technology, the patients feels more comfortable than using other international brands. 3.Unique automatic conductivity calibration system so as to ensure accurate conductivity. 4.Double system of conductivity to ensure the safety of patients. 5.In 2016, HD machine is assessed to be the most outstanding Chinese medical equipment by Chinese medical equipment association and got the highest score in clinical assessment. 6.UF is controlled by balancing chamber and technology improved base on Fresenius. The UF is more accurate than other international brands. 7.8 kinds of UF profiling to meet different clinical application requirements. 8.15 inch, big touch screen. The most user friendly machine in the marketing. 9.Easy maintenance due to the separate electric and hydraulic part. 10. Compatible with all brands of disposables. Cost saving. 11.The only “One stop” supplier for hemodialysis devices including hemodialysis machine, dialyzer reprocessing machine, RO water machine, automatic mixing system and so on. 12.optional for online BPM &Bi-Cart
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