Spiritus Vitality Pneumatic Ventilator (NASA JPL-designed)


This high-pressure ventilator was designed by NASA JPL engineers to use 1/7th the number of parts of a traditional ventilator, relying on parts already available in the supply chains. The parts do not compete with the needs of existing ventilator manufacturing. The SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator offers a simpler and more affordable option for treating critical patients. It has the capability to handle greater than 80-90% of all ventilator needs while freeing up the more expensive high-end ventilators for those with the most severe ventilatory needs. The flexibility of the SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator allows for modifications to be used in field hospitals & the setup and operation are extremely user-friendly Functions & Key Features: Includes numerous control parameters, audible alarms, display parameters, and ventilator settings.
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