BLINK.PRO Infinity


BLINK.PRO Infinity One in three people, who were affected by COVID-19, will struggle with symptoms of what is known as “long-COVID “ in the 3-6 months period after infection. Symptoms include problems with motor coordination, focus and memory. The BLINK.PRO 2021 brings the methods and techniques, practiced with professional athletes and sport psychologists for almost a decade, to long-COVID rehabilitation area. The improvement of psychomotor abilities, eye-hand coordination and overall memory is key in recovery of the nervous system. SHARPEN FOCUS BLINK.PRO devices implement specially designed rehabilitation programs, dedicated to improving particular abilities of the patient. One of the suggested programs requires the patient to fully focus while awaiting for a light stimulus, to which he needs to respond with a choice reaction. IMPROVE EYE-HAND COORDINATION Psychomotor exercises involve the patient giving a motor response to a light stimulus in the form of a simple reaction. They stimulate the nervous system and lead to an improvement in coordination. The eye-hand exercises can be done also in a competition mode – together with a partner, which can motivate the patient and give better results. BOOST MEMORY BLINK.PRO devices provide dedicated programs for memory training, which include repeating a defined-light stimuli sequence on the device or a game of ‘Matching Pairs’. All those exercises stimulate the memory center in the brain, particularly with regard to sensory memory (USTM) and short-term memory (STM).
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