BD Pyxis™ MedStation


Starting with the Central Pharmacy to the wards, BD Pyxis™ ES platform - helps simplify and standardize medication management; its foundation is composed of the Pyxis Enterprise Server, the Pyxis MedStation ES and Knowledge Portal. Moreover, Pyxis Medstation ES helps reduce errors and optimize medication management throughout the hospital by giving nurses fast & easy access to the medications they administer, improving the predictability related to where to find medications, reducing missing doses and improving workflow efficiencies. BD Knowledge Portal is an intuitive, web-based application that provides full visibility of the medication journey inside your hospital translating data into actionable information to enable critical decision making to help optimize devices, track performance trends and standardize hospital policies, without data overload or additional manual steps Moving to the Central Pharmacy, BD Pyxis ™ CIISafe™ system is another automated cabinet that securely stores and tracks controlled substances simplifying pharmacy documentation. It connects with the BD Pyxis MedStation ES system, BD Pyxis Anesthesia ES system and the Pyxis Enterprise Server residing in the pharmacy for a closed-loop tracking system from the point that controlled substances are received until removed for patient administration providing 10 years of data. BD PyxisTM Logistics is another inventory management software platform that enables a hospital or health system to electronically manage a perpetual inventory from loading dock to patients. Moving to the OR, BD Pyxis™ Anesthesia ES system – automated cabinet improving medication management in O.R. and procedural areas – enterprise-wide.
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