FILTERING HALF MASK (N95) : EARLOOP, ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND, WITH VALVE, SPONG, ALUMINIUM PIN / BOUFFANT CAP: Velguard filtering half mask covers the nose and mouth and the chin. Air enters the particle filtering half mask and passes directly to the nose and mouth area of the face piece. The exhaled air flows through the filter material to the ambient atmosphere. Filtering half mask respirator is equipped with super fine multi layer technology. Consisting of outer protective layers, secondary barrier, primary barrier and a skin cushioning layer for user comfort. Consist of exhalation valve which helps in user’s comfort for long wear. Ear loop / Headband is produced with latex free material, which is highly skin friendly. o Flammability meets Class I rating. o Headband with stopper and length adjuster o Hydrophilic inner layer for wearer comfort. o Adjustable Polyethylene double coated wire. Intended Use : To provide adequate sealing on the face of the wearer and helps to reduce exposure to air borne particulates during pandemic and working in industrial environment. BOUFFANT CAP: o Velguard Bouffant Caps are manufactured from breathable spun bond polypropylene fabric, which prevents hair falling inside restricted & clean environments such as hospitals, food processing industries, personal care centers, electronic components manufacturing etc., o Intended Use : Can be worn by health care personnel during various procedures to protect patient / materials and the operating personal from transfer of micro-organisms and particulates.
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ESSTEE EXPORTS HEALTHCARE DIVISIONH8.G51ESSTEE EXPORTS HEALTHCARE DIVISION - PROFILEESSTEE EXPORTS HEALTHCARE DIVISION is a group company of “ESSTEE EXPORTS”, manufactures and exports apparel garments for the past 3 decades to global brands.Building on the success of Three decades success in manufacturing experience in the textile sector,Esstee Exports Healthcare – Velguard Brand was created with the simple idea that the highest quality health care products be made accessible to all people.Esstee exports healthcare division manufactures and Specializes in disposable nonwoven health care products like masks & PPE Coverall products.Robust quality assurance process starts from sourcing of input materials, manufacturing process, finished goods and customer services. Productions are carried out in controlled, clean and conditioned atmosphere. It has trained, clean, hygiene staffs in production process.Esstee exports healthcare division has robust quality management system which is certified by BSI UK for ISO 13485 & ISO 9001.Velguard personal protective products range includes surgical face mask, N95/FFP2 filtering half mask, bouffant caps, PPE coveralls, surgical/isolation gowns, drapes, Class 5 cleanroom apparels, etc..,Velguard surgical face mask are approved by USFDA for 510(K) clearance, other products are listed in USFDA. Its mask is certified by BIS and CE.PPE coverall’s with hot air seam seal and isolation/ medical gowns are produced under controlled environment which meets AAMI PB70 & IS 17334 from level 1 to level 3 products. Velguard coverall are certified by BIS for IS 17423.Esstee health care division tests its raw materials and finished product samples at NABL accredited World class “VIRIDIAN TESTING LABORATORIES”.The Manufacturing campus includes green house garden spread across 600 Sq. meters.Velguard provides truly your first line of defense.Our mission is to provide the global community with the highest quality health care Products, while maintaining our support for the local communities